Dream 4/22/2013

I was walking around the premises of a church. There were various other buildings on the property as well. Some were more pushed back behind the trees than others. Ollie was with me. He was in good health and proceeded to run and pant with his giant tongue that resembled a large slab of bologna hanging out of his mouth. He ran into one of the secret buildings and before I could stop him he proceeded to run up the flights of stairs as fast as he could. There were many. It was a series of flights of stairs, each with a landing that had access to the rest of the floors (similar to a multi-level condo). The décor was incredibly over the top and lavish. It was apparent that the building was seldom, if ever used. I distinctly remember peeking into one of the rooms and saw an ornate wooden armoire, this sight evoked a feeling of disgust. I continued chasing Ollie up about six more flights of stairs, desperate to get a hold of him and knowing that we were trespassing. As I was running through the different levels I heard a brief moment of a choir rehearsal coming from one of the rooms. On the next floor up there was a formal table setting adorned with with elaborate China. One of these table settings was blocking one of the walkways that I needed to pass through. I had to move the plate and in the process disrupted the precise placement of the silverware and various other plates on the table. Although this was a place that I had never been to before, I felt in the dream as though I had. This particular floor was set up like a model home. There was a master bedroom off of a small kitchen. I did not go into the bedroom but from the kitchen I could see that there was a coffee table in front of the bed with two champagne glasses that were about halfway filled with a fake, gelatinous sandy-colored substance that gave the illusion of champagne and luxury. I remember feeling unsettled and wanted to round up Ollie as quickly as possible so that we could get the hell out and avoid being discovered. We finally made it back down to the ground level to find my mother’s sea foam green mini van parked, it was only car in the parking lot. 

“A single dream is more powerful then a thousand realities”

-J.R.R Tolkien


Inspiration: Documentary “Happy People: A year in the Taiga” 

Experimenting with cherry using an antique hand planar tool.

I found this technique to be very physically demanding, yet equally rewarding. As cherry ages and is exposed to sunlight it changes color and becomes a dark red/russet. As the blade shaved off thin layers of the wood it exposed more of the natural oils which created a soft texture and sheen. I would like to explore this process in future works.